Monday, February 14, 2011

Angle of Prism, Physics practical for the standard 12

Determine with the help of pins, the angle of the given glass prism. Determine the values of angle of emergence and angle of deviation for four different values of angle of incidence. Hence prove that i + e = A +d.
Reflection and refraction of light.
 While marking the position of a prism with pencil, the prism should not be disturbed. 
A prism should be carefully put back exactly at the marked position. 
While pressing the heads of the pins for fixing them use metal coin or a hard object so that you do not hurt your palm. 
Do not press the pins very hard in the board otherwise it becomes difficult to remove them afterwards. 
See that the pins pushed in the board remain perpendicular to the board.
Angle of Prism 

Angle of Prism Conclusion

AIM :-
Using pins with a given prism determine the angles of deviation for six different values of angle of incidence. Draw the graph of angle of deviation versus angle of incidence. Determine, from this the angle of minimum deviation and using following formula determine refractive index of material of the prism.
Angle of Prism Formula

Angle of prism, A = ……. .

Angle of Deviation measure
Angle of Deviation

Angle of Deviation Observation table  

Angle of Deviation Graph

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