Sunday, March 20, 2011

Copper voltameter Experiment for std 12 Physics with animation Video

AIM :-
Connect given copper voltameter in an appropriate circuit determine the electro chemical equivalent of copper.
On passing electric current through CuSO4 solution, Cu+2 and SO-24 ions are separated or chemical effect of electric current.
A copper voltameter,
6 V battery ( or D.C. Mains),
an ammeter,
a rheostat,
a simple key,
sand paper,
a stop-watch, balance,
weight box, etc.
Copper Voltameter Experiment  Apparatus
The cathode plate should be throughly cleaned after rubbing with sand paper.
Pass only that much current as is obtained from the calculation of the area of the immersed part of the cathode plate.
Use only a fresh solution of CuSo4. To prepare the solution dissolve about 25 g of CuSO4 crystals in 100 cm3 water. Add a few drops of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) to make it more conducting.
Hold the plate from its upper end so as to avoid touching its surface.
Cathode plate should be washed immediately after it is taken out of the solution.
Copper Voltameter  Experiment Line Diagram
Copper Voltameter  Wiring Diagram for Std 12 Experiment
1. To Cathode plate dip in clean water, and wash off all the CuSO4, solution sticking to it. Thereafter wash it again with tap water.
2. Hold it in the sunshine for some time till it dries out. Now find out its mass by Physical balance.

Observation table for Copper Voltameter
Copper Voltameter Experiment Observation Table

Copper Voltameter  Experiment Calculation
Copper Voltameter Experiment presentation Video.

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